Comparing ASA Management: Internal vs. External Cisco Prime Security Manager Overview

Siemens bringt neues Verteilnetzmanagementsystem für Smart Grids auf den Markt / Siemens to market new distribution network management system for smart grids

Management of security devices is a critical function for maintaining the best performance and being aware of security related events. Cisco has released their second generation of ASA, which includes new management options. This post will cover the new management interface and compare it to the previous options. Continue reading

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How to Protect Children When Using Mobile Devices And The Internet

Katrin Deres is a passionate blogger, and works in a marketing team at a mobile tracking company. For more information visit mSpy. Here is a guest post with some of my input covering how to protect mobile devices used by children and young adults. 


Smartphones have revolutionized the way we live and are an important tool that most of us depend on daily. With that being said, a smartphone in the hands of a responsible adult is very different from allowing children access to them. Giving smart devices to children without considering its impact can spell big trouble for parents! Continue reading

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Instant XenMobile MDM Book Released

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 2.41.05 PM

My buddy who wrote the Kali Linux book with me released another short book on setting up XenMobile. I was one of the reviewers for this and believe it is a great guide for anybody looking to configure a new XenMobile environment. You can find the book HERE as well as Amazon, Barns & Noble or other online resellers.

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Compromising Passwords With Kali Linux – Article From PenTest Magazine


I had a article published in PenTest Magazine earlier this year. Enough time has passed so I’m now able to post the entire article on my blog. You can find the original article in the PenTest Mag extra titled Backtrack Compendium found at Continue reading

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Identity Services Engine ISE 1.2 – Updated First Look

I recently posted about the new release of ISE 1.2 HERE. I finally got a new server and configured my lab. Here are some comments to build on my last ISE 1.2 post

Main interface: I really like the new look. The homepage and tabs at the top are cleaner.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 2.48.22 PM Continue reading

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Lock Picking Revisited : Using A 30 Dollar Kit To Open The Front Door

I wrote an article a while back about using different tools to bypass the average door lock (post HERE). Tools included bump keys, a lock gun and basic lock pick toolset. I personally found the old school lock picking method to be the fastest and quietest … but that’s my personal taste in tool. So to continue building upon this skill, I upgraded to a better lock pick kit at this year’s DefCon conference. I also have my mom visiting again soon who constantly locks herself out of the house so the timing is right to sharpen my locking picking skills.

photo (6) Continue reading

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Cisco ISE helps achieve at least half of SANS 20 Critical Security Controls

Aman Diwakar did a great post on how Cisco ISE aligns with the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls. The original post can be found here

Also, Lancope offers more ways to meet the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls. More on that can be found HERE

digital-globe Continue reading

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How to build a basic Cisco Identity Services Engine ISE home lab

I’ve posted about configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine ISE for a few use cases however have had requests to explain the steps to setup a basic lab. This post serves as a guide to get a basic ISE lab running to test LAN or Mobile devices. My lab uses an Apple Macmini as an ESXI 5.1 server hosting the ISE virtual machine (explained HERE).  See the configuration guides for details on configuring a lab.

Virtual Machine Setup: Download the latest ISE .ISO file from Access the ESXI GUI and select New Machine. The recommended specs for a custom New Machine:

  • Virtual Machine version 7
  • Linux 5 32 bit
  • 2 virtual CPU
  • 4 gig of memory
  • 60 gig of space – thin provisioning (I find thick isn’t necessary for a lab) Continue reading
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