Security Talks

Cisco Live 2018 – SpainPodcast – Cybersecurity in the middle market Cisco Live 2017 – Las VegasCisco Live 2017 – Australia
Cisco Live 2017 – GermanyCisco Live 2016 – USA
ciscoliveDEF CON 24 Packet Hacking Village 2016, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” by Joey Muniz

DEF CON 23 Packet Capture Village – Joseph Muniz & Aamir Lakhani – Pen Testing with Raspberry Pi

Ransom Where…Everywhere: Breaking Down the Ransomware Attack – Talos and Joseph Muniz

RansomwareEverywhereDr. Chaos Security Podcast – March 29th, 2016 – Exploit Kits


How To Reduce Risk From Exploit Kits and Ransomware in K 12 August 10th 2016  

Expect the Unexpected, Preparing for the Inevitable Cyber Breach

 Know Your Network: Pre- and Post-Access Control


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