Security Talks

Cisco Live 2020 – Spain

Master Series covering The Zero Trust Framework

​Advertising Security Program

Cisco Live 2018 – SpainPodcast – Cybersecurity in the middle market Cisco Live 2017 – Las VegasCisco Live 2017 – Australia
Cisco Live 2017 – GermanyCisco Live 2016 – USA
ciscoliveDEF CON 26 Fishing for Phishers Enterprise Strikes Back 2018

DEF CON 27 Packet Hacking Village 2019, “Old Tech vs New Adversaries” by Joey Muniz and Aamir Lakhani

DEF CON 24 Packet Hacking Village 2016, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” by Joey Muniz

DEF CON 23 Packet Capture Village – Joseph Muniz & Aamir Lakhani – Pen Testing with Raspberry Pi

Ransom Where…Everywhere: Breaking Down the Ransomware Attack – Talos and Joseph Muniz

RansomwareEverywhereDr. Chaos Security Podcast – March 29th, 2016 – Exploit Kits


How To Reduce Risk From Exploit Kits and Ransomware in K 12 August 10th 2016  

Expect the Unexpected, Preparing for the Inevitable Cyber Breach

 Know Your Network: Pre- and Post-Access Control


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